Security Convention Stresses on Many Hot Files, Iraqi Islamic Party says

Security Convention Stresses on Many Hot Files, Iraqi Islamic Party says

The Iraqi Islamic Party said on Wednesday, in its sixty-sixth memo, that the security convention in its last report stresses on the current stance and many hot files which need real reform.

It added that the national interests, national balance, the displaced, detainees, and lost people, reforming security forces, integrity, constitution amendment, actual participation in decision-making and the influence of neighboring countries in Iraqi affairs, all these files need plans for following-up, treatment and reform. It declared that the US administration can do a lot on these issues.

The Islamic party stressed on its strong reservation towards essential paragraphs in the convention. It complained “ignoring its notes” which was sent to both the governmental and American sides.

The party slammed the statement which alleged that the United States is not responsible for the convention as it is an interior matter. It asked about what if the United States mediate in shifting the previous system, in the formation of successive governments, elections, constitution, oil law, elections law, Karkuk file, and others, and if it is enough to mediate just to bias for certain political sides without responding to legal demands of the rest of the citizens.

Ministers of the Accordance Front held their responsibilities during the voting on the convention, some of them rejected and the others reserved, asserted the Islamic party. It also stressed on the lack of conviction towards the security convention, and its need for amendment and correction, describing this as a great action by the front. It stated that the front ministers refused to vote for the convention, not only the Minister of Women.

As for the public referendum, the party affirmed that the Accordance Front evaluates it because revealing the convention’s articles is important, to let the Iraqi people recognize the facts, let the academics, intellectuals, independent politicians, Jurists, economists and security men express their opinions, and let the people know these opinions before voting in the referendum.

The Islamic party stressed on the importance of the referendum, for the security convention has a special and distinct disposition because of its connection with the Iraqi national security. It stated that this will be recorded in the history, and that “our children will never forgive us if we dissipate their rights.” It also asserted that the Iraqi people and no-one else are to decide their own destiny.