Security cordon streets leading to parliament building as ‘elected’ MPs sworn in

Security cordon streets leading to parliament building as ‘elected’ MPs sworn in

 A security presence prevailed in the areas surrounding parliament coinciding with the beginning of the first session of the fraudulent parliament today.

Dozens of security vehicles surrounded both ends of the street anticipating any possible demonstration against fraud and calling for dissolving the parliament before the session is held.

Security guards accompanied the fraudulently elected MPs with an unprecedented state of confusion between security personnel who entered with the MPs. Security forces prevented photographers from taking photos.

Many security vehicles were also present since the early hours of the morning in front of the Ministry of Military Production and around ‘Saad Zaghloul’ underground station. Security forces dressed in civilian clothes were stopping people. Traffic came to a standstill as, Sayed Mashal, Minister of Military Production and MP for the Helwan constituency was heading to the first session of parliament.

He was accompanied by a number of motorcycles and security vehicles, while passersby were kept back. A citizen said: “He does this every time he goes to attend one of the sessions in Parliament. I wonder what it would have been like if they were actually achieving anything in that parliament!”

During today’s session, the president of the council and two deputies will be elected. The new MPs will give the constitutional oath and the president of the council will hold the session until the 19 committees are elected and formed where a president, a deputy and secretary of the committee will be elected.