Security Detained Azhar, Ignored Ain Shams: MB students

The Muslim Brotherhood students confirmed that the Egyptian security services that detained students under the pretext of rebelling against public order for exercising a sportive performance, are the same services that allowed bullies to assault and attack the students in Ain Shams University.
The students’ statement ‘For Whose Interest Are Students Persecuted’- issued on Saturday- a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb, said that the security services- that detained students who did not attack any body- are the same ones that allowed and incited the National Democratic Party bullies to storm into Ain Shams University and they didn’t move to protect the students although the NDP bullies were armed and attacked university students- Ain Shams Specialized Hospital received 19 injured cases.
” No administrative investigation was conducted despite the bloodshed at Ain Shams” the students said in their statement, condemning the neglect of some government vented media that covered Al-Azhar incident and gave a blind eye to what made these students show a performance through which they wanted to attract the media attention to cover their sit-in, protesting at dismissing their colleagues for a month from university.
The students urged- in their statement- the Attorney General to immediately release all detained students because they didn’t commit any actionable crime or offence, as prescribed in Article 47 of the Egyptian constitution, stipulating that:” Freedom of expression is guaranteed and every human being can express his opinion” and to allow the students to attend their exams.

Also, the statement demanded to conduct an immediate investigation into incidents of physical harm, beating and insults committed by the State Security Police members against the detained students; they also took the students to detention places wearing their nightclothes without allowing them to wear their clothes!! And they seized their personal belongings and academic books, in a way that strips them of their main right of receiving a decent treatment.

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