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  • June 9, 2007
  • 14 minutes read

Security Forces Assault Monofiya MB Parliamentarian

Monofiya security forces assaulted on Friday Dr. Yasser Hammoud, the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentarian for the constituency of Istinha.

Dr. Hammoud was attending a funeral in his constituency when police forces were raiding neighboring villages to arrest supporters of Salah Al Semari, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the Shura Council. Two police cars pulled over Dr. Hammoud with no reason. When Dr. Hammoud identified himself as parliament member and asked the officers why were arresting people from the street and threatened he will bring this matter to the attention of the Parliament; the officers responded sarcastically by saying that the People’s Assembly, its speaker and MPs are under “our shoes” and that “We are the ones running the country and no one can confront us”, according to Dr. Hammoud and eyewitness

The officers then realized that Dr. Hammoud was holding his cell phone and feared that he might of have been recording the conversation, that’s when phoned General Wael Makhlouf of the State Security Police in Monofiya to take new orders instructions. The officers then dragged Dr. Hammoud out of his car, beat him and ripped off his clothes. Then they seized his mobile and broke his eyeglasses and escaped. The MP tried to chase them as they sped away barely avoiding hitting incoming traffic.

Dr. Hammoud was taken to local hospital for medical exam and to document his injuries. He also filed a complaint about the incident to the attorney general in Monofiya.
For his part, Dr. Mohamed Saad Al Katatni, the secretary general of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, confirmed that what happened is a personal insult to parliament speaker, Dr. Ahmed Fathi Sorour, and a disrespect to his position in the House. This is because if they respected the House speaker, they would respect MPs, because he rules according to the House bylaw and is the first one responsible for protecting the MPs.
Al Katatni pointed out that the Interior Ministry has crossed all limits after assaulting Hammoud, detaining MPs for the same governorate engineer Sabri Amer and Rajab Abu Zeid and detaining supporters of the MB candidates for the Shura Council midterm elections. He called on civil society organizations, Human Rights Organizations and all freemen to support MPs in front of the executive authority’s fierce attack against the legislative authority.
Assaulting Lawyers in Mit Ghamr
In a related context, officer Sami Al Sobki, the deputy chief of the State Security Police in Mit Ghamr besieged the prosecution building on Friday evening and assaulted a group of lawyers affiliated to the defence team of the detained supporters of Dr. Khaled Al Dib, the MB candidate for the Shura Council midterm elections.
The incident happened when 6 lawyers went to the prosecution to inquire about some detainees kidnapped on Thursday:
Fathi Al Laithi from the village of Gasafa .
Ahmed Mokhtar Eleiwah, from the village of Gasafa .
Al-Sayyed Mohamed Ibrahim Ali from the village of Mit Abu Khaled
Ahmed Ragheb, from the village of Mit Abu Khaled
Abdul Aziz Hegazi, from the village of Mit Al-Ezz
Anwar Mohamed Anwar, from the village of Mit Nag
Mohamed Rizq, from the village of Al-Hakimiya
Mohamed Magdi Mohamed, from the village of Al-Hakimiya
Ahmed Mohamed Abdul Hamid, from the village of Al-Hakimiya
Abdul Khalek Galal
Hatem Abdul Aziz Hegazi
Mohamed Metwalli AlQadi
All these supporters were detained by policemen and bullies after attacking, beating hunting and causing injuries among a march supporting the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Dr. Khaled.
When the lawyers went to Mit Ghamr police station to enquire about these detainees, they were besieged in the building by officer Sami Al Sobki, the deputy chief of the State Security Police in Mit Ghamr and a number of bullies and prevent the lawyers from getting out. Then they assaulted lawyers Mohamed Abdul Mawgoud and Abdullah Saad when they were going to the prosecution in the police station of Mit Ghamr. Lawyers Yahya Ahmed Shaban and Samir Ahmed Nagm were detained when detainees were appearing before Bandar Mit Ghamr prosecution and they are still detained. Add to this arresting dozens of residents and preventing people from sending food to their relatives inside prison.


Dr. Hammoud after the assault


Dr. Yasser Hamoud