• November 19, 2010

Security Forces Attack Peaceful MB Women’s Campaign Arresting Many

Security Forces Attack Peaceful MB Women’s Campaign Arresting Many

Once again, in contravention of freedom of expression and political rights guaranteed in the constitution, state security forces interrupted an election campaign promoting the political platform of Muslim Brotherhood representative for the women’s quota, Dr Hoda Ghaneya. MB supporters participating in the peaceful drive were prevented from passing as police vehicles and armoured trucks were deployed, including over 40 thugs ready for action.

The rally was disrupted by security forces armed with batons and sticks who beat and arrested many of the MB supporters and participating personnel, and prevented citizens from joining the candidate. Many were seriously injured and denied treatment as they were forced into police vehicles.

Security forces seriously injured and arrested supporters, including Ghaneya’s husband, Dr Hisham Zaki Khafagy.

Ghaneya was banned by the state security’s chief from accompanying her arrested husband and supporters to the police station. She denounced the security’s fierce attack against her supporters, emphasizing that it would not discourage the MB from continuing their campaign for reform and change, regardless of the obstacles.