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  • April 14, 2007
  • 10 minutes read

Security Forces Hunting MB Blogger Abdel Moneim Mahmoud

Egyptian State Security Police forces raided on Friday morning the house of the Egyptian blogger, Abdel Moneim Mahmoud, Ikhwanweb reporter and correspondent for the Cairo-based British Hewar channel. Mahmoud was not at the house when the raid occurred. Ikhwanweb established contact with Abdel Moneum and ensured his safety in undisclosed location. 
Abdul Moneim Mahmoud, known as Muslim Brotherhood Reuters among journalists and political activists, is one of the most prominent MB youth active in the media. He is a pioneer of the MB blogs and attracted the attention of many bloggers. His weblog, http://ana-ikhwan.blogspot.com/, is widely visited by many people throughout the world.
Abd Al-Moneim was a leader of Egyptian student movement in Alexandria University; he was detained several times because of his student activities, the latest of which was early 2005. 

He works as a correspondent for Al-Hewar Satellite channel and covered many of the recent political activities in Egypt. Through his work with Ikhwanweb, he managed to meet a large number of Western researchers and scholars concerned with the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

His speech about the torture he faced under the State Security Police during the Cairo-based fifth conference for the international campaign against imperialism, was widely publicized in the Egyptian media.
In a phone call with Ikhwanweb, Abdul Moneim Mahmoud said:” unfortunately, I didn’t expect that the Egyptian security forces will arrest me for doing my duty as a journalist and blogger and for publishing some news related to human rights violations against Egyptian citizens.
Abd Al-Moneim added:” It seems that the State Security Police doesn’t want anyone to reveal its ugly face to the public opinion; the state security is seemingly hunting me because of my speech in a symposium in which I narrated my torture experience at the headquarters of the State Security Police”
“I got used to detentions by this regime because I was detained twice like many other opponents” said Abd Al-Moneim, adding that” this time my detention will have a heavy impact on my family; my father is suffering of liver cirrhosis (damage) which progressed during my latest detention and is in deep need to my help since i was overseeing his medications and was working on getting him a liver transplant to save his life”  

Abd Al-Moneim is the only caregiver for his old parents; his father is 68 years and his mother is 58 years and he has one single brother who lives abroad: “my father needs to go to hospital everyday to follow up on his deteriorating health” he said, knowing that his plight will fall on the deaf ears of one the most brutal regime’s in Egypt’s history.

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