Security Forces Injure Dozens of MB Supporters and Candidates in Nationwide Clashes

Security Forces Injure Dozens of MB Supporters and Candidates in Nationwide Clashes

 Egypt witnessed nationwide clashes with security forces as hundreds of members and supporters of the country’s strongest political opposition, the Muslim Brotherhood, were arbitrarily assaulted and arrested during campaign marches ahead of the November polls.

Approximately 250 supporters were arrested on Friday alone during gatherings where streets were barricaded by armed forces.  Tear gas, pocket knives and batons were used on the Muslim Brotherhood supporters which resulted in critical injuries and serious wounds.

Recent crackdowns have been witnessed as police have arbitrarily rounded up hundreds of MB members with many still in custody, after the group announced its plans to field candidates for the polls.

Former MP, Dr Gamal Heshmat, described the clashes as a massacre against the MB and their supporters.

 In a statement to Ikhwanweb Heshmat stressed that the escalating measures against the MB indicate early rigging of elections and destroy any hearsay that there will be integrity during the elections. He noted that the attacks, assaults, arrests and intimidation of MB candidates and supporters served none other than the ruling regime in complete violation of the constitution. He added that the regime has failed to conduct transparent elections and hoped to monopolize the political arena to serve the party well during the presidential bid in 2011.
He criticized the Interior Ministry’s abuse of authority emphasizing that it continues to suppress freedoms and the constitutional rights of candidates to meet the public and promote their political platforms.
Heshmat described the regime as depending on the security apparatus to bully the opposition with the clear intention of rigging the ballot.