Security Guards harass Karim Amer in Borg El-Arab Prison

Security Guards harass Karim Amer in Borg El-Arab Prison

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) reported today from the “Borg Al-Arab” prison, in the Alexandrian desert, that Karim Amer, the author and the prisoner for practicing his freedom of expression was prevented from leaving his cell to be exposed to sunlight, in addition to the seizure of some of his books and the ill-treatment he is receiving from his fellow prisoners on orders from the prison administration.

The ANHRI lawyer Rawda Ahmed had already visited Amer in prison yesterday; she was shocked to find him in a poor health situation. She then knew from him that the prison administration has deprived him from going out of his cell to the prison yard, to get exposed to the sun like all other prisoners, besides the harassments by his prison inmates who were incited to do so by the administration. some of his own books were seized from the cell that is always under the administration’s control.

ANHRI’s Legal Aid Unit’s Rawda noticed that Amer suffers double-standard treatment in prison; for example during visits, he is being treated according to the strict rules that apply to political prisoners, however he is being withheld in the division of the criminal prisoners, which means he is being treated like them, and accordingly deprived from all his rights as a political prisoner.

The restriction on Karim Amer is not just from the Prison’s administration’s side, however it has extended to the Prosecution Office, who have declined his case filing, which his lawyers from the ANHRI has presented ten months ago; since then no investigation has taken place, inspite of having raised this case to the Prosecutor General.

The ANHRI stated “it is hell on its own to be prisonned inside [another form of] prison meanwhile being in jail, he is already a prisoner, what else do they want from him?”

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) demands that Karim Amer gets treated like any ordinary prisoner inside the jail, with neither special treatment nor constraints, until the court decides in his appeal, which we hope it will be fair with him, after the trials that he had in both the First degree court and in the court of Appeal.

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