Security harasses opposition students days before Students’ elections

Security harasses opposition students days before Students’ elections

 Government universities have announced that Thursday October 7 will be the beginning of nominations for the Student’s body elections in Egypt. The elections are scheduled to take place October 18 with re-elections on October 19.


Despite the publishing of the news in numerous Egyptian newspapers and websites, students maintain that to date there has been no official statement concerning the students’ elections in the universities. They pointed out that arbitrary dismissals and security assaults however are continued widely against students.


The Port Said, Fayoum, and Zagazig universities have faced numerous harassments including unjust dismissals.


A group of thugs and students belonging to the appointed Student Federation at Ain Shams University attacked a number of students from the 6th April Movement while they were setting up their exhibition on the university grounds titled “You’re the Solution”. The display included pictures describing the political situation in Egypt by the government and the abuse of the Emergency Law.


Despite security pressures and dismissals MB students from the Cairo University launched a campaign titled “Cairo University Signs For Egypt” aimed at collecting 100,000 signatures supporting the “Seven Demands for Change” agreed on by the Egyptian opposition which calls mainly for  free and fair elections and other  issues which Egypt currently lacks.