Security Official Praises MB Efforts to End Sectarian Strife in Minya

Security Official Praises MB Efforts to End Sectarian Strife in Minya

General Mamdouh Maqlad, Chief of Security in Minya, praised the efforts by the Muslim Brotherhood to restore peace and order and contain the sectarian strife which took place between the residents of Nazlet Faragallah in Upper Egypt last week.

According to Maqlad, the clashes between Copts and Muslims which resulted in one death and numerous injuries ended, thanks to the intervention of the MB, which proved the group was both effective and efficient in solving the crisis.

Maqlad asserted that the brawls ended as a result of the group’s mediation, and all involved were prepared to negotiate in a civil manner without resorting to violence after the Muslims and Copts involved reached an agreement to end the needless bloodshed.

Speaking to Ikhwanweb, MB member Hussein Sultan was pleased to announce that the group was able to broker an agreement between both parties with the collaboration of the Directorate of Security to prevent further strife.

He added that the MB was committed to promoting national unity, stressing it was imperative all involved remain rational for the best interest of the nation.

Signing a written agreement, both parties agreed that in the event of any further strife an amount of 500,000 LE would be paid as compensation and damage expenses to the victim. In addition to this, both sides agreed to drop law suits against each other in writing.