• MB News
  • January 2, 2009
  • 3 minutes read

Security Police Arrest 20 Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Over Gaza Protests

Security Police Arrest 20 Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Over Gaza Protests

Egyptian security forces rounded up 20 Muslim Brotherhood leaders since Friday dawn from different governorates amid mounting protests against the carnage committed by Israeli air force in the Gaza strip, Ikhwanweb reporter said.

Further, police banned several protests called for by the Muslim Brotherhood and national forces that were to be held after the Friday prayers before mosques.

Those arrested include Dr. Ali El-Sayed Batteekh (member of the Administrative Bureau of Brotherhood in Giza), Sayed Saleh (MB candidate for Shura council elections), Gamal Ashry (MB candidate for Parliament 2005), Osama Al-Gayyar from Giza, and from Alexandria Ali Abdel Fattah (coordinator between MB and national forces.)

In Cairo, Dr. Mohey Al-Zayett, Abdul-Fattah Rezq, Ahmad Ramy, and Hosam Abu Bakr were also arrested.

Further, Dr. Mustafa Al-Ghoneimy from Gharbia was arrested.

Al-Mohammady Saad from Sharqia was also abducted from the train while heading to Cairo.

The round-up campaign against the Brotherhood leaders is still in progress until the time of writing this report.

The wide-ranging arrests came after demonstrations organized by the Muslim Brotherhood against the genocidal holocaust in Gaza committed by Israeli occupation forces amid passive Arab and international stances to stop Israeli racist crimes.