Security Police Harasses Pro-Gaza Demonstrators in Damietta

Security Police Harasses Pro-Gaza Demonstrators in Damietta

Muslim Brotherhood in Damietta governorate organized a massive demonstration Sunday against the Israeli criminal massacres in Gaza. Some 20 thousands attended the demo.

As always, demonstrators were cordoned by the security forces that repeatedly tried to abduct many participants to prevent the demo; but the massive number of the protesters aborted such attempts.

Dr. Saad Emarah (MB activist in Damietta) slammed the security attempts to restrict the popular reactions towards the Israeli holocaust against the helpless Gazans. The security forces used thugs and riot forces to harass and assault protesters, added Emarah hailing the positive response of the people of Damietta to the status quo in Gaza.

Demonstrators called for ousting the Israeli ambassador to Egypt, withdrawing his Egyptian counterpart from Tel Aviv, freezing all forms of political and economic cooperation with the Zionist entity, and opening Rafah crossing border before the Palestinians without any preconditions.

Peaceful demonstrations and protests spread accross the country against the Israeli barbaric and ruthless offensives on Gaza Strip. The Muslim Brotherhood intensively participates in these demos after frequent calls made by its chairman Mahdy Akef.