Security problems and ballot-rigging in the mid-noon

Cairo:  Security problems and ballot-rigging in the mid-noon

It’s the mid day of the run-off elections in Egypt, and it seems that the rule of” hitting below the belt” will prevail, either by buying votes, collective registration or thuggery.
In El Tebbeen, Madina Nasr and Abdeen’s constituencies, the NP candidates continued to muster the electors, who were collectively registered from outside the constituency. Large number of them were collected by buses from companies and factories all over the republic.

 In El Tebeen, 6 thousand electors entered the constituency, among them 2800 voted for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Ali Fath El Bab. Though it is suspended, collective registration was carried out at the night of the run-off elections. Names were added to Madina Nasr and El Nozha constituencies’ rolls. Besides, new polling stations were created about which candidates knew nothing.

 On the other hand, the NP candidate in El Sahel constituency (northern Cairo), Ali Radwan, tried to let 60 persons to work with the constituencies’ officials but his attempt failed.

   In the same constituency, the judge supervising the polling station No.37, in Bahethah Al Badya school, violated the rules of elections by allowing a lot of persons to vote despite there were mistakes in their tripartite names.

 For his part, Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Gamal Hanafi, sent two telegrams, one of them was to the head of the higher commission of parliamentary elections and the other was to judge Zkaryya Abdel Aziz, the head of the judges club, in which he complained of collective registration in many polling stations.

In Nasr City constituency, a large number of people were taken by buses from many governorates like El -Daqahlyya, El -Munofyya,El-Fayyom , El -Bahr Al- Ahmar and El-Gharbyya, bearing election cards. Many buses carrying about 200 electors from Eldaqahlyya governorate, El Sallab’s birthplace, have moved from one constituency to the other after erasing the indelible ink

 In Al Marg, Al Nozha and Al Salam’s constituencies(eastern Cairo) a large scale forgery took place in polling station No. 132, in Fatima ElZahraa school. It was found out that the judge was signing the cards for the sake of the NDP candidates. It is known that Majdi Ashour  is the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the labor seat  in the parliamentary elections.