• April 6, 2009

Security Seige On Kafr El-Sheikh University Prior To April 6th Strike

Security Seige On Kafr El-Sheikh University Prior To April 6th Strike

Hours before tomorrow’s strike, Kafr El-Sheikh University witnessed intensified security measures that forced students to stand in long lines to be searched for any publicity flyers or tools that could be used in the strike.  Female students’ purses were also searched, a matter which aroused students’ anger as it caused them to be late for their lectures and labs. 


“Security fears the access of flyers and publicity tools such as sprays which students use to publicize strikes such as those that were caught in the hands of the currently detained students Sara Rizk and Omniyya Taha.  This is especially after MB students announced their participation in the strike by means of a demonstration within the university in which they will present students’ requests and some other requests of the Egyptian people,” one student said.


On the other hand, public squares and major streets in Kafr El-Sheikh were filled with armored and police vehicles especially around the courts compound which witnessed clashes between the April 6 youth and security and resulted in the arrest of activists from the April 6 and Kefaya movements as well as from the Ghad (Tomorrow) and Democratic Front parties.


Similarly, security and administrative leaders used intensive measures with employees to prevent them from participating in tomorrow’s strike such as threatening to detain anyone who is absent from work tomorrow to participate in the strike.