Seminar On ICCPR calls for Repealing Military Trials, Implementing Covenant

Seminar On ICCPR calls for Repealing Military Trials, Implementing Covenant

The Arab Center for Independence of Judiciary and Advocacy in coordination with the League of International Lawyers has called for the effective implementation of the International Covenant On Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), and repealing military tribunals and all forms of exceptional courts.


The seminar held on Tuesday called for effective judicial supervision on prisons. It also warned against any violation of the International Covenant, and called for including its articles in the Egyptian constitution.


The EU-financed seminar demanded the Egyptian parliament to aggravate the punishment against torture criminals by issuing an anti-torture law comprising the definitions stated at the Anti-torture Treaty and all other forms of harsh or humiliating treatment.


They called for passing a law prescribing that every convicted should have a lawyer for all criminal suing phases; especially that of keeping in custody during which the prisoner might suffer from assault and torture.


Participants recommended that the all charters and agreements ratified by Egypt should be published, ensuring the International Covenant On Civil and Political Rights, and distributing it among Egyptian judges, activating all provisions enhancing the right of every one to be sued before his/her natural judge rather than referring civilians to the military tribunals.


They stressed the importance of limiting provisional detention regulations and replacing them with other freedom-enhancing ones, publishing their acquittal rulings in two of the widely distributed daily newspapers, equality in defense and accusation at all criminal lawsuit phases, and allowing for the civil society organizations to watch all phases to attain transparency.


The seminar included many workshops to discuss issues relating to the International Covenant, especially those belonging to the freedom of life, physical safety, and expressing one’s opinion. It addressed human rights issues regarding fair tribunals.


Scores of Egyptian rights activists attended the seminar, including 25 Egyptian rights leaders and judges belonging to the natural judiciary and state judiciary as well as international human rights activists from Wales UK-based Law School and others from the national council for human rights in Scotland.