Senator Brownback Calls for Sanctions Against Iran and Egypt

Senator Brownback Calls for Sanctions Against Iran and Egypt; Pressure on Russia,China – By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst –

Kansas Republican Senator Sam Brownback has called for global sanctions against Iran coupled with democracy-building activities in the rogue nation. In addition, Senator Brownback said that Russia and China,
who have been supporting Iran, should be dealt with aggressively to send the appropriate signals of peace and stability in the Middle East.

“They’re (Iran) the lead sponsor of terrorism around the world. I think you have to take their new president at his word that he intends to do whatever he can to eliminate Israel,” Brownback said in an interview with reporters,
including KIN. “The Ayatollah Khomeini said that ’if we eliminate Israel,
Allah will reward us.’ There has been no backing away from that stated
ideology. I think you are going to see Iran get more and more in the view
screen. We need to have global sanctioning against Iran to put pressure on
them and that regime, democracy building, civil society building in there
and then we need to be very aggressive against those nations that are
supporting Iran to get them to send appropriate signals not inappropriate

Additionally, Brownback believes that the recent political victories of
terrorist groups in Israel and Egypt could pose problems in the future. He
does not trust Russia in dealing with Hamas. “I think Russia is sending very
bad signals, wrong signals into this region in their encouragement of
Hamas,” Brownback said. But Egypt may be a sleeper. There, the United States
encouraged elections and in December, the radical terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, who has ties to al Qaeda, made sweeping five-fold gains
in the government of Egypt. Brownback says its now time for the United
States to consider cutting off military aid to Egypt, which stands at a
proposed $1.3 billion in the current White House budget, the same as last
year. Brownback’s point is that the political climate is changing in Egypt
with the election of the Muslim Brotherhood. Brownback said, “We need to
stop military funding of Egypt. We should not be funding military assistance
in Egypt…given the likelihood that you could have a much radicalized
government and we have paid for a fair amount of the military that it

Senator Brownback recognizes that Russia, China and Iran are working in
unison against Israel and the United States. He also sees the pending threat
of Egypt peaking over the geo-political landscape. The Ezekiel 38 Prophecy
points toward Russia, Iran and Egypt, which at the time of Ezekiel was part
of Libyan and Ethiopian empires, and other nations, will come against
In fact, the Lord says he will put a hook into the jaw of Gog
(Russia) and pull it toward the battle with Israel. The Lord said in Ezekiel
38:16, “And you shall come up against my people of Israel as a cloud to
cover the land; and it shall be in the latter days.” These may be those days
spoken of by the Ancient of Days. Are you prepared?