Senior EU delegation to meet with Hamas leadership soon

Senior EU delegation to meet with Hamas leadership soon

The London-based Quds Press on Wednesday quoted what it described as “special sources” as saying that a senior delegation of the European Union is to travel to Damascus within the few coming days to meet with the Hamas leadership.

The sources said that the EU delegation would group deputies of various European parties and would have a meeting with Khaled Mishaal, the Hamas supreme leader, along with members of the Movement”s leadership in a bid to reformulate the EU-Hamas relations.

They said that the European team would listen to Hamas”s views regarding current issues such as internal Palestinian dialog, calm with Israel and future moves in the light of the numerous changes taking place in the region.

Many European notables including parliamentarians and other figures have been lately calling for lifting Hamas from the European list of “terrorist” organizations, which bans holding talks with the Movement.

A campaign was also launched in the European continent to collect signatures on a memo asking for the immediate and unconditional lifting of Hamas from that list.

The campaign coincides with preparations for the European parliamentary elections scheduled for next June. The campaigners hope to convince the nominees to adopt their demand after describing Hamas as a project for national liberation and as a movement that won the Palestinian parliamentary elections.