Serious diseases in Gaza with electric shock-like symptoms

Serious diseases in Gaza with electric shock-like symptoms

Dr. Nawaz Hussain, head of the Malaysian medical delegation that recently landed in Gaza, revealed an outbreak of a new illness in the Gaza Strip having symptoms similar to electric shock.

The delegation confirmed that there are 2,000 medical cases in Gaza which require intensive care not available in the Strip.

“We found things related to some diseases that are prevalent in the Gaza Strip which require follow-up and constant medical attention. We have seen diseases not seen anywhere else. When we asked what happened to these patients, they told us they were exposed to unknown substances during the Israeli attack, which gave them symptoms similar to the symptoms of electric shock,” Nawaz Hussain told the Quds Press.

“[The illnesses] are a challenge and need to be addressed to prevent further spreading … in the Gaza Strip, there is no medical equipment or facilities despite the large number of more than 2,000 patients,” the doctor said.

“We saw at the Shifa Hospital an increase in the number of cancer patients as a result of the war on the Gaza Strip. The Minister of Health informed us of a significant increase of 11 per cent of cancers in the blood, which is one of the highest in the world,” Dr. Nawaz went on to say.

“Unfortunately, cancer treatment is very weak in the Gaza Strip, and this is one of things we will try to find solutions for, and we will try to transfer some patients to Malaysia to provide health care for them,” Dr. Hussain concluded.