Settlers’ attacks on Palestinians soar in March

Settlers’ attacks on Palestinians soar in March

NABLUS, — The Jewish settlers’ attacks on Palestinian citizens and property recorded an unprecedented hike during the current month of March, the civilian administration of the Israeli occupation authority said.

A report by that administration on Tuesday said that some of those assaults were the result of wrangling between those settlers and the Israeli occupation forces that led settlers to vent their anger on Palestinian citizens.

It said that most of the attacks were recorded in Nablus and Ramallah districts where settlers regularly attacked villages and civilian property with the intent of spreading fear and panic among the civilian population.

The report said that the settlers burnt three civilian cars in the Nablus village of Einboos and uprooted 46 olive trees in the same village on Monday.

It added that the settlers cut off 17 olive trees in Qaryut village and 39 others in Deir Nizam village last Friday, burnt a tractor in Burin village and seized a water spring in Qarawat Bani Hassan village.