Settlers burn mosque in Bethlehem

Settlers burn mosque in Bethlehem

 Savage Israeli settlers at dawn Monday set fire to a mosque in Beit Fajar town, south of Bethlehem in the West Bank. The fire damaged large parts of the mosque.

Locals said that several settlers ransacked the mosque over night and set fire to carpets and 12 copies of the holy Quran before residents arrived at the scene and engaged in a fistfight with the assailants. Israeli troops arrived at the scene to protect the settlers.

They added that the settlers wrote on the mosque’s internal walls offensive remarks against Islam and Muslims.

The settlers waged different attacks recently. Last April, a group of extremist settlers desecrated a mosque in Hawara village and painted anti-Islam remarks and drawings on its walls.

In December last year, they burnt a mosque in Yasuf village and in January this year they sabotaged a Muslim graveyard.

The Hamas Movement, for its part, strongly denounced the attack and described it as part of Israel’s racist and aggressive policies against Islam, Muslims, and their holy sites and an attempt to undermine the Palestinian people’s determination and steadfastness.