Settlers ruin Palestinian man’s farm in Al-Khalil

Settlers ruin Palestinian man’s farm in Al-Khalil

 Israeli settlers destroyed Monday over one hundred fruit trees in the Bouira region in Al-Khalil.

The settlers set out from the Kharsina settlement, which was established in the region, to raid a vineyard and uprooted more than a hundred trees and stole farming equipment.

The one dunum area farmland belongs to Palestinian farmer Sufyan Sultan.

Sultan says he contacted media and filed a complaint to the Red Cross and other human rights organizations.

In the same context, local sources said Israeli forces officially warned farmer Mohammed Ibrahim al-Khamaysa they will seize his 40-dunum land in the Faz’a region west of the Al-Khalil city of Doura, alleging that the property belongs to the state.

In another incident, Israelis from the Bracha settlement, established in the southwest Nablus village of Burin, attacked villagers to steal their olive harvest, but they were confronted by the villagers and other Palestinians.

A group of settlers attempted to steal olives belonging to the villagers ahead of clashes that erupted between them and Palestinians, local sources said. A man in his thirties was inured in the conflict.

Israeli soldiers arrived at the scene, but did not make an apparent effort to thwart the settlers’ attack, the sources added.