Settlers tried to occupy the home of Hajja al-Kurd in Jerusalem

Settlers tried to occupy the home of Hajja al-Kurd in Jerusalem

A number of extremist Jewish settlers tried to occupy the home of Hajja Rifqa al-Kurd in Sheikh Jarrah suburb in occupied Jerusalem a couple of days ago, local sources revealed on Saturday.

“At around 2:00 am I heard some noise near my brother’s house which has been closed for the past nine years .. I came out to find four settlers breaking into my brother’s house, the entry of which is banned, a court will decide on its fait on Sunday 29 November,”  Maysa’ al-Kurd, the daughter of  Hajja al-Kurd said in a statement, “One of the settlers pushed me and tried to strangle my son and when the neighbours heard the screams they came out, the settler ran into the house despite the presence of a guard who is supposed to stop people entering it.”

“I phoned the police and when they arrived they said that there was nothing to stop them [the settlers] from entering the house. When I showed them the relevant documents, the police got three out of five settlers out of the house. When my 87-year old mother arrived she was pushed by one of them and had to be taken by ambulance to hospital,” she added.

Maysa’ also said that when she told the occupation police that one of the settlers pushed her she was told she had to go to the police station and make a complaint against him and when she arrived at the police station to make the complaint she found that the same settler was there claiming that her son assaulted him.

She said that like this settler was making a false statement, the settlers used forgery to claim their ownership of the homes of the Ghawi family, Hanoun family and Muhammad al-Kurd family in the same suburb of Jerusalem.

She called on everyone who can reach their place to go there to help them against the take over by the settlers of their home.