Seven Brotherhood Released & Camera Martyr Released

Seven Brotherhood Released & Camera Martyr Released

North Cairo Court ordered seven Muslim Brotherhood affiliates released on Saturday November 8th after keeping them in custodies for hundred days.

They were arrested last August by state security forces in Mansoura. On referring them to the prosecution, they were charged with joining an outlawed group and breaking laws and constitution. Therefore, prosecution imprisoned them for 15 days pending investigations, but they were ordered released after appeal against the prosecution decision. However, the Interior Ministry issued an arrest warrant against them two days after the release decision.

After spending two months in detention, they were acquitted after a petition filed by the MB defense to the Interior Ministry; but the Ministry challenged the release decision passed by North Cairo Court last October. During the following session before the same court, the Interior”s challenge was refused.

Those released were Mohamed Talaat, Ahmad El Said, Mohamed Khafaga, Ihab Tawfiq, Bakr Fawzi, Fouad Gomaa, and Sayed Talaat.

State security prosecution presided by Judge Hisham Badawi released Abdurrahman Talaat who is known as “the martyr of torture camera” after a month detention.

Talaat; Pharmacy student, was arrested last Saturday on his visit to his brother Yusuf Talaat who was arrested in the case of Professor Abdurrahman Abdul Bar. Talaat tried to give first aid to one of the detainees; meanwhile one came and photographed the patient inside the hospital. Security arrested Talaat till the camera used for photographing broadcaster Belal for disclosing torture is back. He was referred to prosecution next day for two-day investigations.

He was first accused of violating the patient”s right. Upon investigation, Abdurrahman said he was in the place to give first aid to one of the patients and did not possess any cameras.

After acquittal from such a charge, he was again charged with joining the outlawed Brotherhood as well as organizing with his brother to photograph the tortured patient to hold the police responsible for that. After investigations lasting for more than two days, he was ordered imprisoned for 15 days pending investigations and, thus, kept in El Khalifa police station; which is blatantly against law since should be kept a prison. He has been lately moved last Friday to El Mahkoum prison after the complaint filed by his defense to the prosecutor general.