Seven Brothers Released, Including Two Students of Al Sharqiya

Seven Brothers Released, Including Two Students of Al Sharqiya


Supreme State Security Prosecution released yesterday afternoon, Thursday October 16, the two students of Zagazig University who were arrested on September 16, 2008.

The two students are: Mahmoud Al Taweel , student in the faculty of Medicine at Zagazig University, and Osama Abu Hatab, a student in the Faculty of Agriculture at Zagazig University, they were accused of (breaching the public security, disrupting State institutions and arousing  public opinion), then the prosecution ordered to release them in the following day, but it changed its decision in a precedent which is the first of its kind, then the oppositions” judge ordered on September 20, to put them in custody for15 days. 


The two students were arrested, including 12 other students from Sharqiya, and they are: Ibrahem Al Shawadfy Mohamed (Faculty of Education- Zagazig), Mohamed Shaltoot (Faculty of Engineering-Menia Al Qamh), Ahmed Kamal (Faculty of Commerce-Belbes ), Mohamed Maraay (Faculty of Engineering- South Sinai Governorate), Hani Mohamed ( Faculty of Osool  Adden- Zagazig), Abdulallah Ibrahem (Faculty of Commerce – Zagazig ), Omar Al Sayed Ismail(Industrial Technical Institute), Mohamed Ramadan (Technical healthy Institute), and other students were released earlier after Zagazig Criminal Court upheld on Sunday October 12,  the decision of Zagazig Appeal Court to release them.


 Cairo Court ordered yesterday Thursday October 16, to release five Brothers from Kafr el-Sheikh governorate, they are (Musa Abdul Khaliq, Zayed, Saad Dosouqy Ghazy, Saad Al Sayed, Mohamed Saber Ismail and Mohsen Abdul Sattar Mohsen), they were arrested three months ago from Blatim, and were presented to the prosecution which ordered to arrest them for 15 days, then they were released, but instead of implementing the warrant release, the SSI issued a decision to arrest them.


The lawyer of the detainees filed a grievance to the Interior Ministry to release them, and it was accepted and a session was set for them before the South Cairo Court, which issued a decision to release them, but it is expected that the Interior Ministry will object to this decision during the coming days.