Seventy MB Students Excluded From Hostel At Al- Azhar

Seventy MB Students Excluded From Hostel At Al- Azhar

Administration of Al-Azhar University, Asyut branch, excluded 70 Brotherhood affiliates from the university hostel on charges of organizing public activities aiming at involving students in religious and sports activities.

MB students stated that they cannot afford paying soaring residential prices outside the hostel. Further, students are topping at their faculties and had never been referred to any investigations or disciplinary boards.

On the other hand, the faculty of Commerce of Beni Sewaif University referred three students on Tuesday to probes on charges of commencing morals- enhancement campaign.

Those referred were Abdullah Ahmad Sayed, Ahmad Gamal, and Atta Eid Saddeq. The total number of the referred students hit 10 ones.

The morals- enhancement campaign was launched by Brotherhood students aiming at refining the cultural values and ethics of their fellows.