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  • September 15, 2007
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Shabolla’s New Song

Shabolla’s New Song

Egyptian pop singer Shaaban Abdel Rehim a.k.a “shabolla” is currently producing a song about the latest rumors concerning President Mubarak”s health, which many believe is deteriorating. State media aired a full hour live today of Mubarak visiting a government construction project, the shots included several close-ups of Mubarak.

Abdel Rehim”s song is called “Rumors” and its words are:

“Alot of talk surfaces and spreads quickly / The talk is baseless and hurtful, and is all rumors.

The President is meya meya (100%, in coloquial arabic it means in best shape) thank god for his wellbeing / The picture clear, no lying and no stunt man.

A lot of insulting talk the liars spread around / And those who have interests are the ones who sparked the rumors.

Talk spread in the air and this increased the rumors / Our president is also human and deserves a few days off.”

Abdel Rehim became famous after a series of pop songs that included harsh criticism against the United States and Israel. His song “I hate Israel” in 2001 was a hit, especially among the middle and lower classes. Another one of his hits “Striking Iraq” came in 2003, and it included cartoons mocking President Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Over the years he produced several songs in past years about the war in Lebanon, the humanitarian crisis in Darfur and the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Listen to his song “two faces of the same coin,” about the United States and Israel. It also has english subtitles.

This blog item was written and translated by Miret el Naggar