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  • March 17, 2007
  • 8 minutes read

Sharqiya MBs Detained 15 Days

The state security prosecution decided, on Thursday evening, to retain the Muslim Brotherhood leaders detained from Sharqiya, north of Cairo, for 15 days under investigation. The detainees were distributed among police stations of their districts and they are still held there.
Ikhwanweb correspondent said that the security forces are still hunting:

1- Mohamed Abdul Azim – Awlad Saqr.
2-Mohamed Gaser – the office manager of MP Dr. Farid Ismail- Fakous .
The security forces arrested, on Thursday dawn March, 15, 2007 19, MB leaders from Sharqiya, after raiding and ransacking their houses. The detainees belong to many districts and villages in the governorate, including Zagazig, Bilbeis, 10th Of Ramadan, Abu Kabeer, Kafr Sakr and Abu Hammad .
These detentions are part of the fierce security campaign that the Egyptian autocratic regime is launching against the Muslim Brotherhood group to ratify the constitutional amendments, raising to 77 the number of MB detainees in this northern Egyptian governorate.
Thursday detainees are :

1- Dr. Abu Zeid Al Shannaf- specialist at Zagazig Fevers Hospital- Tal Huwain
2- Abd Rab Al-Nabi – Zagazig
3- Mohamed Shater Khalil Khater – Physics instructor in the Ministry of Education – Beni Shibl
4- Magdi Mohamed Hussein- Ghazala
5- Eng. Mohamed Mousa Omar- Brotherhood candidate in 2005 for Hosneyat Fakous constituency – Hosneyat Fakous
6- Eng. Ahmed Shoail – Hosneyat Fakous
7-Eng. Gamal Ahmed Hassaan – Fakous
8-Eng. Abdul Nasser Abdul Hamid Ibrahim – Fakous
9- Samir Abdul Hamid Ahmed Bagar – brother of Dr. Al Sayyed Abdul Hamid- Abu Kabeer
10-Dr. Ahmed Hamdi- pharmacist- Bilbeis
11-Ahmed Abdul Fattah Morsi- 10th of Ramadan
12-Badawi Badawi Siba’y Asal- 10th of Ramadan
13-Eng. Gamal Sayed Ahmed – village of Al-Asadiya – Abu Hammad
 14- Mohamed Sabri- Zagazig
15-Dr. Ali Salama- Kafr Sakr
16 Dr. Mostafa Diab- Kafr Sakr
17-Hisham Al Ghattouri- Kafr Sakr
18-Mahmoud Aboualftouh Qishda – Menya Al-Qamh
19-Dr. Mohamed Zaki Abd Al-Hamid – Zagazig

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