Sheikh Salah starts serving five-month term

Sheikh Salah starts serving five-month term

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,  Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic movement in 1948 occupied Palestine, started on Sunday serving the five-month imprisonment sentence passed against him by an Israeli court that claimed he insulted an Israeli policeman.

The Israeli prosecution claimed that Salah insulted an Israeli policemen during confrontation in occupied Jerusalem when he was leading protests against the Israeli construction of a bridge at Maghareba gate in occupied Jerusalem in 2007.

The Israeli central court in Jerusalem had turned down an appeal by Salah’s lawyer to freeze the sentence but agreed to lower it from nine to five months in jail. The court gave him the choice to serve the sentence in jail or in social community service but he chose to be incarcerated.

Sheikh Salah was seen off at Um Al-Faham city in northern occupied Palestine 1948 by a large number of people and Arab figures who accompanied him to Ramle prison where he is to spend his jail term.

Israeli police cars and helicopters accompanied the convoy.

Sheikh Salah is standing trial in three other cases for involvement in anti occupation activity.