• MB News
  • July 5, 2008
  • 5 minutes read

Sheikh Wagdy Ghoneim Forced to Leave South Africa

Sheikh Wagdy Ghoneim Forced to Leave South Africa


South Africa Court has passed Friday a verdict forcing outspoken Sheikh Wagdy Ghoneim out of the country after jailing him for three days with the charge of “Illegitimate Residence Visa”, Ikhwanweb reporter said. This is the same charge he faces during living in the USA and Bahrain after being ousted from Egypt late in 2004.


Sheikh Wagdy emphasized that he was forced out of South Africa after a judicial verdict with the charge of having illegitimate residence visa. He indicated that that he was arrested from his house rather than being stopped and arrested at the airport on his way to Yemen.


He stressed that he obtained legitimate residence visa at South Africa for three successive years since last March.


He indicated that he could travel from and to South Africa with the same documents he had without being harassed or accused.


He refused to comment on the decision and said that he would head to Yemen on Thursday in his tour in the Gulf region to attend an Islamic Conference; after which he should decide where he will live.