Shoaib: Acts of Sabotage Threaten Lives of Ordinary People

Shoaib: Acts of Sabotage Threaten Lives of Ordinary People

 Gamal Shoaib, Assistant Secretary-General for Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Cairo, said that what happened Saturday on the Ring Road is a flagrant violation of the Egyptian people’s rights and resources.

Shoaib further said that certain individuals poured large amounts of diesel fuel on the Ring Road in Cairo, on Saturday, which led to many accidents on the road, starting from the beginning of the bridge in Maadi up to the gates of Alwahat.

Shoaib stressed that these acts of sabotage are committed by people who do not want stability or safe living for the ordinary Egyptian citizen, and that several such acts coincided with the release of the recent Presidential Decrees.

Shoaib urged the Egyptian people to stand all together as one to face up to these brutal thugs who care only for their own interests, have no regard for the interests of the country, and try to spread chaos and destruction in Egypt and sedition among political rivals.

On another subject, Shoaib asserted that mindless attacks on FJP personnel, smashing up and torching the FJP’s headquarters are all the work of thugs in the employ of former regime loyalists who feel they are facing a new State that will deprive them of what they usurped under the former regime.