Shohdy Sedky: FJP Platform Epitome of Justice and Equality for All Citizens

Shohdy Sedky: FJP Platform Epitome of Justice and Equality for All Citizens

Eng. Shohdy Sedky, from Beni Mazar in the Menya governorate a renowned Copt in Upper Egypt is one of the first to join the party and is a co-founder of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).

 His outstanding personality and performance in social work prompted the party to nominate him to run as the party’s parliamentarian candidate.

 During his interview Sedky observed that the first elected Copt to enter parliament after the 1952 Revolution was former MP Gamal Assad after an alliance was formed between the Muslim Brotherhood (MB),and the Labour Party in 1987.

 In an exclusive interview with Ikhwanweb, Sedky narrates how he got to know the MB and how he came to be a member of the FJP and later bid as a candidate representing the party.
 How is it that you got to know the MB and later the FJP?

 Sedky: My first encounter with the MB was 15 years ago while I was having a discussion with my colleague Eng. Ramadan Abdul Azim who was from the MB. We addressed issues and problems concerning the nation and how to end the widespread corruption the nation was facing. Members from the MB ran in the local council elections and I supported them during their alliance with the Labour Party. They succeeded in the elections that year, however the oppression practiced by the former regime and its policies short lived their triumph until the January 25 revolution took place. It was after the revolution that I met with a leader from the MB and told him that I wished to join the FJP which was newly formed by the group. He informed me that he was a co-founder of the party and encouraged me to collect signatures for the party’s Secretary General, Dr. Saad Katatny.

 What is your role in the party now that it has been founded?

 After the party was established, elections for the party’s executive office in Beni Mazar were held. I was nominated and later elected and my relationship grew from there with the party and I was assigned more responsibilities.

 Do you believe you being nominated for the parliamentary elections was done solely to improve the party’s image in the public eye [since you’re Copt]?

 Sedky: I chose to be a member of  the party after reading the party’s platform which stipulates that the party with its I

slamic references guarantees the rights of non-Muslims and to be ruled by their religions regarding issues of personal and family affairs. In reality these are the only differences between the Muslims and Copts beliefs, we agree with the other articles regarding Islamic references. In my opinion, the party’s platform is the epitome of justice, and equality for all citizens leaving no room for discrimination.

 Furthermore, the party outlines that all citizens are equal concerning their rights and duties towards the nation regardless of religion, sex, colour or creed. The party cites, that each individual should be guaranteed freedom of expression, education and the right to be affiliated with any political faction or organization so long as it conforms to the society’s moral principles and values. It is for these reasons that I chose to join the party supporting its principle and the party entrusted me with the role which I hope I can perform.
 After joining the party has your insight to the MB changed?

 Sedky: After becoming acquainted with the MB I am convinced that the party is adamant there be change for the best working selflessly for the wellbeing of others.

 How do you perceive the political scene in Egypt following the revolution?

 Sedky: Currently the situation remains unclear and will remain so until after the parliamentary, Shura and presidential elections are held and the new constitution which will establish some sort of political and social life is drafted. Only then will the vision be clear and the rules of law prevail where all will be entitled to voice their political opinion freely.

 What are your thoughts following the FJP’s win in the first and second phase of the elections?

 Sedky: I personally expected the party to secure the seats they won especially as its platform includes a complete agenda focusing on all issues such as politics and education with grassroot solutions for problems. Furthermore, the party enjoys popularity nationwide.

 I’d like to take this opportunity to remind myself and the FJP not to get caught in the moment and to remember that the people have vested in us much trust and that we must work hard to deserve this. We must demonstrate patience and remain gracious while dealing with civilians. We are now to be held accountable by 85 million people nationwide. Our party is to serve all even those who did not vote for us; after all we are all Egyptians.

 What do you make of the latest incidents near the cabinet building district?

 Sedky: Of course we condemn violence against protestors; however, we also reject the burning and destructions of government buildings. I call for the immediate investigation of the incidents. Perpetrators should be held accountable and the judiciary’s verdict will be final.

 Regarding the current cabinet, it is a transitional cabinet remaining so for 3-4 months and we should give it a chance to run things until all the elections are held. After that we will see, things should settle down.