People in Kashmir are up in arms against the intelligence agency of India central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for its hushing up the case related to the gruesome incident of rape and murder of two young women of Shopian Asiya and Neelofer. What the said agency did in regard to this case was expected because the said agency is under an obligation to serve its national interest. People of Kashmir should not feel puzzled or discouraged by such moves of India. Kashmir has to realize that India is the colonial ruler and will do whatever suits its colonial interests in Kashmir. It was a historical blunder on the part of Majlis Mashawarat of Shopian (a voluntary body formed for seeking justice) to cooperate with C.B.I. This decision was against the aspirations of the subjugated people who cannot even think of sincerity from any agency of Indian establishment in respect of Kashmir. In the case of Kashmir C.B.I has a long history of deception, and has earned notoriety for its unethical actions. Since Indias forced illegal occupation of Kashmir this notorious intelligence agency has been involved in political manipulations and conspiracies, with the purpose of strengthening the illegal claim of India on Kashmir. It has the vital role in crowning and overthrowing puppet regimes in Kashmir. The puppets as a matter of policy are subservient to the dictates of the said notorious agency. The day Omar Abdullah Government announced involving C.B.I for probing the Shopian rape and murder incident came the rebuttal from Kashmir High Court Bar Association because trusting such agency and expecting positive from it given its past record in Kashmir will mean axing ones own feet. Kashmir has the bitter experience of the said agency in the case of sex scandal which rocked Kashmir. People in Kashmir well know how this case of the involvement of pro Indian politicians, bureaucrats and top ranking police officials was hushed up by the said intelligence agency. The investigation in the said case by this agency was so designed that all the involved culprits giving them benefit of doubt were released by the court and were even restored to their past positions by those at the helm of affairs.

           C.B.I twist and betrayal with the people has the New Delhi backing. How can New Delhi allow its premier investigating agency implicate its forces in such a heinous crime even if it has been ascertained by the previous finding and examination that Indian forces camped in Shopian are the culprits. It was likely that the outcome of C.B.I’s investigation will be as desired by New Delhi, what serves its national interest. The day Indian media both print and electronic quoting unknown C.B.I source aired feelers  that this incident is the case of drowning, it became evident that C.B.I is preparing ground to hush up this case.

           The cover up of C.B.I does not make any difference. Firstly it is a non credible and unreliable agency before the eyes of Kashmiri people. Secondly it cannot in any way affect the factual position ascertained by the initial investigations, examinations and findings of those who have been fraudulently charge sheeted by C.B.I .The way C B I conspired self fabricated story for saving the skin of Indian forces and granting them clean chit makes us understand that Indian agencies can go to any fraudulent extent for serving the interest of India. Hence it is also in our National Interest to render moral support to those Kashmiri Doctors and others who are being victimized now for unearthing truth about Shopian rape and murder. People of Kashmir should stand by them till they get justice. It is the moral obligation of every Kashmiri. The investigation report submitted by C.B.I in High Court is worth rejecting as it instead of unearthing facts and identifying and implicating the culprits responsible for the heinous crimes, resorted to cover up to authenticate the story of drowning and reject the occurrence of the crime.

This tragic and unfortunate development has further exposed the intentions of India vis-à-vis Kashmir. This should once again serve as an eye opener to us. India failed to do justice in the case of two Kashmiri women and instead conspired cover up of the crime perpetrated by its forces personnel. How can Kashmir trust India’s promise of dialogue with Kashmir? Actually India intends internal settlement within Indian constitution. Mr. Man Mohan Singh prime minister of India had commented to a Delhi based Magazine that time is ripe for internal settlement of Kashmir as Pakistan is in turmoil. This means that India wants to take undue advantage of turmoil in Pakistan. It wants to cook near about status quo while keeping Pakistan at bay. Such a macavilian policy of India will have dangerous repercussions. This is a game plan to downplay Pakistan that Kashmiri will never allow to happen. Any settlement of Kashmir in the absence of Pakistan or without the involvement of Pakistan is never acceptable.



Mohammad Yousuf Naqash


Islamic Political Party (jk)

Senior Constituent Member

All Parties Hurriyat Conference