Shura Election Farce Over

Tanta: Officer Ayman Shahin stuffs ballots by himself


In the village of Al-Sheikh Salim, three committees were stuffed for the National Party as officer Ayman Shahin stuffed ballots by himself. In the Tanta, committee 167 in the Jihad school, a female voter was surprised when she was informed that her ballot card has been stuffed and her name is signed on election rolls.


Ismailia: Mayors, Bullies Stuff Ballots


Rigged ballots were stuffed boxes off committees from 268 to 274 in Al Mahsamah- Ismailia. This was committed by:


Ahmed Mansi, National Democratic Party MP


Abdul Hamid Al Bali, mayor of Al Mahsamah


Ali Hassan, the village chief


These actions were carried out with the help of thugs and bullies who prevented voters from entering voting centres and forced those who managed to enter to vote for the National Party candidate. Dr. Mohamed Taha Wahdan, delegate of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, confronted the stated persons with incidents of rigging the elections. NDP parliamentarian Ahmed Mansi replied to him saying:” I am surrounded by catastrophes, you know nothing”.


Damietta: State Security Officers Stuff Ballots By themselves


Two taxis laden with 20 plainclothes policemen and two state security officers, Hazem Abul Fattouh and Mohamed Al Gindi, passed on all committees Ezbat Al-Burj, sheikh Dergham and Kafr Hamido and dismissed all representatives and replaced blank ballots with stuffed ballots.

In the village of Kafr Saad, Muslim Brotherhood candidate Fekri Al Adham and his aides were denied access to polling centres.


Officer Mohamed Abdul Fattah stuffed ballots into ballot boxes publicly in committees of Kafr Saad and Kafr Shehata.


Kafr Al-Sheikh: State Security Admits Rigging Is Orders From Top Officials


State security police officers recognized that they are ordered by top officials to stuff rigged ballots in ballot boxes. Officer Mossad Abou Sikkeen dismissed representatives from the committee in Al-Sahil primary school and said:” I am ordered by top officials to stuff rigged ballots.

In Riyadh, bullies hired by NDP candidate Khaled Abu Samra attacked the committee premise and seized a group of ballot papers (700).


In the preparatory school of Baltym, voters were prevented from casting their votes. In Ismail Fahmi school, all representatives of candidates were thrown out and the rigged ballots were stuffed.


Dakahlia: Organized Riggings


The National Party members stuffed ballot cards in committees of Kafr Al-Tirea Al-Qadim from 1070 to 1077:

Ahmed on Hashish, mayor of Kafr Al-Tirea Al-Qadim

Mohamed Nagib Sedki, chief of Kafr Al-Tirea Al-Qadim’s municipality

Wahid Mohamed Abdul Qader Al Dabsha, a municipality member

Ibrahim Al Ghawalby, a municipality member for the district of Shirbin

Hassan Rizk Mowafi, a municipality member for the governorate

Ragih Al-Hassa, police detective

Reda Moawad, a bully

Ashraf Al-Hass, who was promised to be a National Party member

All these persons stuffed rigged ballots after police officer Hani dismissed voters from the election committee.


In the constituency of Mit Ghamr, a woman in the village of  Olela insisted on entering to cast her vote but she was confronted by a representative the National Party candidate, Farahat, but she defended by another resident whom the NDP assaulted as well, triggering a sedition between two families and the bully representative was beaten.


Ismailia: Computers Latest Means Of Rigging For ruling NDP


The National Party supporters used state schools computers to make cards campaigning for the National Party candidates, in schools of:

Al Wasfia school – Railway school – Abou Ayyad school in Abou Sawyer- Al-Sabae Abar school in governorate of Ismailia


The turnout in committee no. 292 was only two votes until 1.00 at noon and five votes  in committee no. 293.


Gharbiya: All At Service of Rigging


In committee no. 412 in Kafr Salim prep school in Basyoun, a preacher called Sami Salem was preventing people from entering the committee while Abdul Karim Abdul Sattar Salem was inside it stuffing rigged ballots.


In committee no. 399 in Mubarak primary school, the village mayor, Abdul Salam Al Shazli, with the help of a group of security elements dismissed all representative of the candidates, and they are stuffing rigged ballots now.

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