Shura elections final results conclude well rehearsed play

Shura elections final results conclude well rehearsed play


According to official overseers who chose to remain anonymous, Tuesday’s midterm Shura Council vote was marred by abuses reported by civil rights groups and independent monitors.  Violations, included the closure of certain polling stations before the official deadline and the barring of supervisors from entry in addition to  security forces and ruling party backers blocking  many opposition voters from casting ballots But according to Intisar Nasim, head of the Supreme Electoral Commission, the voting process was “normal.” He declined however to answer questions about the reported acts of violence in certain constituencies


 The estimated voter turnout was said to be as low as between 2 a percent despite contradictory allegations. Apparently this is a common feature of Egyptian elections


None of the MB candidates appear to have won any seats the result which will be officially announced Thursday, although candidates ran in the same constituencies which won seats in the 2005 parliamentary elections

Analysts cite that the Brotherhood which has by far the biggest grassroots network of any opposition group because of its health and many social projects enjoys much popularity should have won seats


The outcome of Tuesdays vote reveals the true intention of the regime and is a real indication of how much space the government is really planning to give the MB in the parliamentary elections scheduled later this year


Diaa Rashwan political analyst asserted “If the Shura vote is a clear indication, then it seems there is a decision from the state to exclude the Brotherhood from upcoming elections for the People’s Assembly