• September 3, 2015
  • 2 minutes read

Sinai Armed Group Confirms Muslim Brotherhood Innocence of Violent Operations

Sinai Armed Group Confirms Muslim Brotherhood Innocence of Violent Operations

A video recording broadcast by an armed group in Egypt’s Sinai affiliated with the Islamic State organization (IS or ISIS for short) affirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood has no links with that militant group or its operations.

The video, which was broadcast by the militant group through its various internet websites, attacked the Muslim Brotherhood, calling it "the bankrupt Brotherhood".

Showing clips recorded at Muslim Brotherhood press conferences, the video criticized Brotherhood leaders over the group’s commitment to the democratic process for change, especially after the January 2011 Revolution.

Coup authorities in Egypt have persistently and falsely claimed the Muslim Brotherhood was behind the Sinai operations against the Egyptian army, although the Brotherhood has repeatedly reiterated its commitment to the peaceful approach in rejecting the illegitimate coup.

Pro-coup media focused on a clip from a speech by Dr Mohamed Beltagy (one of the leading figures of the Muslim Brotherhood) and used it entirely out of context to ‘prove’ a link existed between the Muslim Brotherhood and the operations in Sinai, although Dr Beltagy had already explained the context of his speech and that he rejected violence altogether.

The Muslim Brotherhood has repeatedly condemned the violence committed by the junta’s security forces against the people of Sinai, calling for a prompt investigation so the situation does not deteriorate even further.