• September 15, 2007

Sinai Bedouins protest against security practices & begin an open sit-in

Sinai Bedouins protest against security practices & begin an open sit-in

Hundreds of the north Sinai Bedouins resumed on Friday 7 September 2007, their protests against what they called the “security practices targeting them” by launching a sit-in in Rafah on Egypt’s borders with the Gaza Strip.

“Hundreds of the Sinai Bedouins threatened to close down the Al-Awjah border crossing between Egypt and Israel if the Egyptian government refused to meet their demands, particularly the release of their detained members who were arrested in connection with bombings in Egyptian resort cities.

“Hundreds of Bedouins converged in the Al-Masurah square area, 10 kilometres to the south of Rafah to protest the detention by the Egyptian police of a human rights activist of the Sinai Bedouins, called Mas’ad Abu-Faraj. Yahya Husayn, one of the Shaykhs and leaders of the Bedouins in northern Sinai, told the France Press correspondent: We will begin an open protest in Al-Masurah square area, we will change its name to the martyr Awdah Farhat square after the name of the boy who was killed in clashes with the police last July.

“It should be noted that Awdah Muhammad Farahat died of gunshot wounds in clashes between the north Sinai Bedouins and the Egyptian police on 30 July 2007 in the Al-Masurah square area when thousands of Bedouins staged a rally

demanding the registration of official title deeds for the properties they owned.
They have no official documents of ownership. Their other demand was the release of the Bedouins arrested in the aftermath of the wave of the terrorist acts launched in Sinai between 2004 and 2006.