Sirraj: Cairo agreed to host instant talks between Hamas and Fatah

Sirraj: Cairo agreed to host instant talks between Hamas and Fatah


 GAZA, — Dr. Eyad Al-Sirraj, the secretary-general of the national reconciliation committee, stated Saturday that Egypt agreed to host immediate talks between Hamas and Fatah factions before signing the Egyptian paper.

Quds Press on Saturday quoted Dr. Sirraj as saying that this understanding was reached during his committee’s meeting with Egyptian officials headed by intelligence director Omar Suleiman.


The head of the committee added that he intends to travel to the West Bank in the coming days to meet with the leadership of Fatah to discuss the Egyptian proposal, expecting the success of the efforts made by his committee in this regard.


In another context, Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the first deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC), on Friday suggested a political initiative calling for forming a political platform for the Palestinian people and their cause especially after the failure of the settlement process.

During a political meeting on the PLC’s track record, Dr. Bahar highlighted that according to article 47of the Palestinian basic law, the PLC shall remain in office until a new council swears in, affirming that Hamas is not experiencing a crisis regarding its decisions and visions.

The lawmaker expressed his Movement’s willingness to hold free and fair elections in favorable climates.

Dr. Bahar also reviewed the PLC’s achievement internally and externally, saying that the council received dozens of delegations and participated in more than 15 Arab, Islamic and international conferences.

The lawmaker also said that the PLC approved 19 bills, most importantly, the laws of the right of return and the protection of the resistance option.