Sit-In to Be Staged By Bloggers in Solidarity with Nour

Egyptian Ghad Party Ayman Nour stood for president in the multi presidential election in Egypt last year and finished second, winning 10 % of the electoral votes. Now Nour spends a five year sentence after he was convicted of issuing forged powers of attorney to party members, charges which Nour and his family still deny. His
health is deteriorating, with his wife Gameela Ismael accusing the authorities of denying him his ordinary family visit which led to the obstruction of the procedures of an operation which Nour must be operated on to survive. In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Ismael said she submitted a report to the Attorney General in which she complained that the Interior Ministry, early this month, deliberately blocked the procedures of a cardiac operation for Nour even though he said he would cover the cost of the operation which would reach 50000 pounds. Nour had earlier some time ago filed two reports on denying his medicine and food coming from his family, and on the failure of the prison doctor to issue a release for Nour on heath reasons in compliance with the law.
In solidarity with Nour, a group of bloggers under the name of” Bloggers for Freedom” said that they are to organize a sit in on the evening of Sunday August 20, 2006, Talat Harb Square, downtown Cairo, to demand the authorities to release Nour especially amid the deterioration of his health which led to the surgeons cutting one of his toes, besides the ill treatment he receives from the prison officials who put him in a heavy guarded cellar. The bloggers will also call for freedom of expression and demonstrations, as if they are calling on the government not to repeat the recent detentions launched by the authorities against bloggers months ago, who belonged to Kifaya and Muslim Brotherhood. The bloggers said they will stay the night there, ending their sit in on Monday morning.