Six MB Affiliates In Alexandria Imprisoned For 15 Days

Six MB Affiliates In Alexandria Imprisoned For 15 Days

General Prosecution of Alexandria decided last Tuesday to imprison six affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood for 15 days pending investigations.

Alexandria”s state security apparatus arrested six Brothers after storming into one of their houses while having dinner with each other. They were kept in custody at the state security premises to be referred to prosecution on charges of joining the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and decided to imprison them for 15 days pending investigations.

Those detained are: Mahmoud Awad, Samir El Malhi, Mohamed Abdul Fattah, Mihamed Abdullatif, Samih Hammam, and Hasan El Husseini.

Muslim Brotherhood has been suffering from an unfair fierce round-up campaign launched by the Egyptian authorities targeting many leading figures of the group.

In previous statements to Ikhwanweb, Khalaf Baiyumi (MB lawyer in Alexandria) said “such a campaign aims at directing destructive attacks against the group to curb its reform march,” and added that the Brotherhood would never be intimidated and said that arresting the Brotherhood members is of no legal basis since they perform activities within the frame of law and constitution.