Six MB Students Expelled From University

Six MB Students Expelled From University

Cairo University’s Law School administration referred to investigations 14 Brotherhood students including two female students on Monday for organizing a show titled “Drawing a Heart” calling for the spread of virtue and tolerance within the society.

Students at Law School organized the show after the approval of MB licensed El-Nour Club (Light). However, the administration refused claiming that security apparatus did not approve it, which is necessary for setting the exhibition.

Dr. Gabir Mahgoub, deputy dean of the faculty, summoned one of the Brotherhood students to exert pressures for cancelling the exhibition and threatened of security interference.

Students referred to investigations are Ahmad Hamzah, Abdurrahman Fathi, Ibrahim Hussein, Abdul-Basit Mohamed, Ahmad Ibrahim (Seniors), Mahmoud Ismael, Kamal Abdu, Ashraf Saad (Juniors), Mustafa Adam, Islam Salamah, Mohamed Fathi, Muna and Nema (Sophomores).

Administration of Helwan University also dismissed six Brotherhood students from the Faculty of Engineering. They are Khalid Mustafa Khalil (Junior), Ahmad Sayed Amir (Senior), Yasser Mahmoud Abu Attiya, (Junior), and Ahmad Magdi Mustafa (Sophomore) for a whole semester.

Dismissed students went to the University Head (Professor Rashad Abdullatif); however his secretary advised them not to visit the head who accused them of storming into the faculty despite being orally informed of dismissal decision.

At the Faculty of Engineering of Mattariya, other Brotherhood students were interrogated. They are Ahmad Abdul-Wahhab, Yasser Zachariah, Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohamed Yussuf, Muhammadi Hamdi, and Abdullah Khalid (juniors).