Siyam: I will be back despite of Mofaz!

“Resistance is neither shooting nor in carrying out martyrdom operations yet it also in curbing the torrents of political concessions with the Zionistic enemy; it is one of the means of resistance” Said Siyam, Palestinian Minister of the interior started defending the role of Hamas in the Palestinian Administration in a press conference organized by the Egyptian Syndicate for Journalists.

 This conference was to comment on preventing Siyam from being into Palestine after his arrival from Damascus. Siyam averred that the major role of Hamas is to keep the legitimacy of resisting the enemy like that Hamas is doing now in the battle.

He was asked to comment on the presence of the Israeli military machines near the Rafah crossing point in an attempt to prevent him from entering Gaza strip, he said, “No one notified me that I am prevented from being allowed to my home Palestine; yet I will be back despite Shaul Mofaz’s will.”
These were Siyam’s comments on the threats said by the Zionist Minister of transportation Shaul Mofaz two days before preventing Siyam from being allowed to Gaza Strip after his visit to Syria and Iran.

Security ties between Egypt and Palestine

Siyam met the envoy of Umar Solayman, the Head of The Egyptian Intelligence Service. Although his visit to Egypt was non-official yet he had to pass by Egypt in order to go to Gaza. He spoke about the strong ties between Egypt and Palestine as good ties and he denied any Palestinian collaboration in the terrorist attacks in Taba. There were news that there are some Palestinian groups participated in the terrorist attacks in Dahab yet the Palestinian ministry of interior carried out broad investigations and notified the Egyptian Authorities that the news was untrue, besides the Palestinian Authority refuses severely that any Palestinian would be collaborate in attacks that hit Egypt’s security or any neighbor country .

Palestinian Authority has no role in the issue of Gilaad Shalit:
The Palestinian Minister denied any involvement for the Palestinian government in the issue of the Palestinian captive Gilaad Shalit. He added that the fate of this captive is in the hands of Hamas and the abductors while the government is trying to solve the problem.

 Siyam commented on the issue of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons who are estimated by 10 thousand prisoners saying, “Abductors do not see serious offers for releasing the Israeli captive, Israelis want the abductors to release the captive then they would view and delegate in the issue of the Palestinian prisoners; this is totally rejected by the Palestinian people especially the families of the prisoners.”

Executive Power is an Official one

Siyam defended the executive power saying that it plays the same role of the Palestinian police and it consists of all different Palestinian powers, it is not an affiliate to Hamas but is an affiliate to the ministry of interior, he added, “Now, we do not represent Hamas but we represent the whole Palestinian people.”

He asserted that it is an official power, certified, trained and it is concerned with maintaining security, pursue criminals and violators who do not want to apply the resolutions of the Palestinian government then lately try to oust it.

Siyam said that he is skeptic concerning the information that Abu Mazen is preparing private forces to follow him (known as the Presidential Guard forces) in order to clash  with the executive power affiliate to the ministry of interior.

He added that the president offered him to have some of these private forces in case he needs them.

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