• November 21, 2008

Skek warns of looming catastrophe in Gaza Strip due to lack of electricity

Skek warns of looming catastrophe in Gaza Strip due to lack of electricity

Head of the electricity distribution company in Gaza Strip Suhail Skek has warned Thursday that the tiny Strip is threatened with a human catastrophe as a result of the sharp shortage of electricity supplies in the Strip.

In a press conference he held in Gaza city over the matter, Skek asserted that the electricity crises was worsening every day, revealing that the Strip was currently receiving 40-50% of its need of electricity.

He pointed out that lack of maintenance equipment, the suspension of the main electricity generation plant in Gaza due to lack of fuel, in addition to using electricity in cooking due to lack of gas have aggravated the problem and pushed it to alarming levels that could affect hospitals, sewerage system, and all aspects of life.

“Gaza is depending on 10 electricity distribution lines coming from the Israeli occupation that supply the Strip with 120 megawatts although the Strip”s needs 240 megawatts”, explained Skek, adding that Gaza engineers face difficulty in fixing any electrical fault in the system because of Israel”s full control of the main source.

“Our company lack transformers, circuit breakers, and basic parts badly needed by the electricity network”, asserted Skek, disclosing that most parts of the Strip suffer of 8-12 hours daily blackouts that, he added, could reach to 16-20 hours in case of an electricity failure.

Finally, the PA official forewarned of a possible serious catastrophe in the Strip if the problem wasn’t immediately addressed, calling on the international community, and human rights and legal institutions to immediately intervene to supply the power plant with the needed maintenance equipment and fuel.