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  • June 26, 2010
  • 4 minutes read

Skeptism following forensic report clearing police from Khaled Saed’s murder charges

Skeptism following forensic report clearing police from Khaled Saed’s murder charges

 A three party committee headed by Chancellor Abdel Magid Mahmoud cleared police from the murder charge of Khaled Saed. The second report which was made on request by Mahmoud concurred with the results of the first forensic report which alleged  that death was caused by asphyxiation after a drug wrap was lodged  preventing Saed from breathing. The report continues to state that injuries inflicted could have resulted during a struggle with police who were trying to get hold of him.

Political opposition leaders Dr. Ayman Nour, Al-Ghad party’s Chairman and Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei both visited the victim’s family offering condolences. ElBaradei informed them of a protest scheduled to take place on Friday in response to the police brutality adding that activists and political opposition leaders including those from the Muslim Brotherhood would participate in the rally.

“The Campaign against Torture” announced that procedures were under way to prosecute General Mohamed Ibrahim, Head of Security in Alexandria . A petition was launched by the official Muslim Brotherhood website aiming at prosecuting the Ibrahim and two other policemen involved in the killings. So far thousands have signed the petition.

Chancellor Yaser el-Refaie, Prosecutor General of Alexandria ‘s Appeal Prosecution received the final coronary report which alleged that he suffocated and died. The report also claimed that his head may have hit a hard surface however it was not the cause of his death. Police officers Mahmoud Salah Mahmoud and Awad Ismail Suleiman from the Sidi Gaber Police Station were summoned by the General prosecutor for interrogation where he also called on the victim’s family.

Lawyer Mokhtar Noah criticised the report’s validity claiming that justice has been long dead adding that verdicts no longer depended on actual facts or justice. He maintained that even if Saed’s death was not related to the beating there was evidence of torture hence it was is imperative that the perpetrators from the police force be charged and held accountable.