Skeptism over Jordan ‘s New election law

Skeptism over Jordan ‘s New election law

The new electoral law approved last week in Jordan has been slammed by critics who say it will fail to support reforms and only appoint MPs with tribal connections loyal to the government. The new law will weaken political life and parties in Jordan . Lawmakers believe that it will not help people regain their confidence in parliament and weaken political life

Jordan‘s Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front (IAF) is the most vocal group condemning the law which is expected to precede the parliamentary elections later this year

Former MP from the IAF Hamza Mansor argued that “The new law is frustrating for all

Jordanians, including political parties and civil society institutions. He claimed that it did not support political reform and is likely to generate a government controlled parliament increasing the lower seats from 110 to 120

Interior Minister Nayef Qadi defended the law emphasizing that it would help citizens choose their representatives without being influenced by any parties