Slap On Nape Clip Policeman Sentenced to 1 Year

Imababa Misdemeanours Court sentenced on Wednesday Ahmed Abdul Fattah, the police corporal who was shown in a clip beating a citizen on the nape at a Giza police station, to one year and acquitted officer Karim Abdullah.

Corporal Ahmad Abdel Fattah slapping Ihab

The court convicted the police corporal of using cruelty and violence against citizen Ehab Magdi Farouk, the victim of the notorious clip dubbed “the nape clip” in which the citizen was repeatedly beaten in his nape while he was interrogated inside Imababa police station. A slap to the nape of the neck is considered particularly humiliating.
The court said in its ruling that treating citizens with cruelty harms them psychologically and physically. It added that caused physical pains to the victim. Although the action did not include physical injury, but there was a slight harm”. It pointed out that the officer wasn’t the one who ordered the police corporal to beat Farouk.
The issue of the “nape clip” was widely spread after some weblogs posted a clip showing an unknown citizen repeatedly slapped. The newspapers published the incidents of the clip, making the Attorney General order holding an investigation into it. The investigations of the prosecution uncovered the identity of the victim, citizen Ehab Magdi Farouk who accused the police corporal and police officer of torturing and beating him while investigating with him inside Imababa police station.

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