Sobhi Saleh Denounces Acquittal of Ferry Owner

Sobhi Saleh Denounces Acquittal of Ferry Owner

Sobhi Saleh (member of the MB parliamentary bloc) has strongly denounced Safaga court’s acquittal of Mamdouh Ismael and his aides who were accused of causing the ferry disaster leading to the drowning of 1032 Egyptians and injury of 386 others in 2006.


Saleh said the court decisions are product of the corrupt NDP regime and outcome of the PA’s fact-finding committees.


“Why should the Captain be wholly responsible for the disaster? Why the owner becomes irresponsible for the ultra weight, lack of rescue equipments, neglecting SOS, and ignoring the incompetence of the ship for sailing? Further, how can the court pass acquittal decisions without examining the key convicted person?” Saleh said.


Saleh added that corruption seems to be "gaining momentum so long as the NDP rules Egypt and defends its tycoons."


Prosecution has charged Mamdouh Ismael (chairman of Al-Salam Company for Naval Transportation), his son Amr (deputy chairman), Mamdouh Urabi and Emad Abu Taleb (directors of the company’s fleet), Nabil Shalabi (branch manager of the company at Safaga), and Salah Jumua (Saint Catherine Ferry captain) with accidental homicide and injury. Yet, the court acquitted five of them and ordered the Saint Catherine Ferry captain imprisoned for six months for lagging behind heading for the sinking place to save the victims.


Mamdouh Ismael (appointed Shura Council member) and his son left for UK shortly after the catastrophe.