Sohag and el-Arish are Cordoned

Sohag and el-Arish are Cordoned
On the eve of the polls, Sohag governorate was besieged. Sawasya Center for Human Right detected many irregularities. In the ninth constituency, security forces picked up scores of Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters in dawn raids. They also confiscated locals’ IDs to hinder their vote.
On the polling day, the center’s reporters noticed the absence of the president of the general electoral commission of Tahta constituency. Meanwhile, police laid complete siege on the polling centers and lobbed five tear bombs to disperse assembled voters.
In el-Arish City of Northern Sinai governorate, the heavy security hand marred today’s run-offs. The reporters said the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate’s sons along with a number of his representatives were put under arrest. In some polling centers, representatives are denied access. Moreover, thugs are mustered to intimidate voters. Astonishingly, residents are pursued in streets. The destination of voters who have cast ballots is detention.  Therefore, the vote in 90% of polling centers of the first constituency is zero. 
Furthermore, thugs allied to the National Democratic Party overtake the polling stations in Aesh el-Asmar School. They search voters to make sure that do not possess any electoral papers of the Brotherhood’s nominees. They mercilessly beat the Brotherhood’s campaign organizers. In some polls, the NDP’s representatives oblige voters to cast publicly.
Meanwhile, 12 of Brotherhood’s backers were detained. Polls of el-Gel el-Gedeed School are closed because of the sweeping support for the Brotherhood’s candidates in these stations.
Security forces used 15 tear bombs to clamp down on increasing riot erupted from keeping voters out. As a result, dozens suffered from suffocation and were admitted to hospitals.