Solaiman Abdul Qader Reelected Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood Leader

Eng. Solaiman Abdul Qader has been reelected for a new four-year term to head the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Libya, according to a statement the group released. This took place during the general conference of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, the highest body in the group.

The statement, a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb, pointed out that the the group highlights the complete national reform target and the importance of the activation of the national reform project as part of a complete national participation.

Also, the statement highly appreciated the Cabinet reshuffle and appointing a number reformist technocrats.

This is the text of the statement:

A press statement released by the general conference of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Libya (Decisions and Attitudes)

On Muharram, 1st, 1428 (Hijri) and as part of its periodical review to its path, systems and bylaws, and under the new changes and developments in the region, the general conference of the Muslim Brotherhood group- Libya, the highest body inside the group, has held its periodical meeting; it wrapped it up with a number of decisions, recommendations and attitudes related to local and Arab affairs.

Exercising the principle of transparency adopted by the group, the conference declares the following to the public opinion:

First: Reelecting Eng. Solaiman Abdul Qader, the secretary-general of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Libya, for a new four-year term.

Second: Stressing on the target of ” a complete national reform” to help the country advance and solve its political, economic and social crises.

Third: While our region is facing hard and unprecedented political conditions that may pose threats to the stability and independence of our homeland, the general conference of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Libya stresses on activating the national reform project as part of a complete national participation.

The general conference followed up, in this regard, the cabinet reshuffle that led to appointing a number of reformist technocrats, hoping that these new ministers will contribute, with other national efforts exerted by reformist powers inside and outside, to pushing ahead towards achieving the required political breakthrough and accelerating development wheel, calling on the political regime in Libya for hastily activating these steps, and giving the political guarantees necessary for an effective participation for all national powers in reform process under a complete national reform project to be accelerated by achieving the following targets:

-Building a country based on constitution and law.
-Giving vent to all public freedoms and opening the field for the independent media that follow the teachings of Islam and values and traditions of the society.
-Allowing civil society institutions to operate under the umbrella of law without any restrictions or hurdles.
-Easing economic crunches on Libyan citizens.
Fourth: The general conference followed up the last developments of the case of the Libyan HIV infected children and it is strongly denouncing the attitude of the European parliament towards it, and it demands it to respect the Libyan judicial rulings and to stop intervening in the judicial affairs; also, it reaffirms its full support and solidarity to the families of the victims.
Fifth: The general conference observed carefully the incidents taking place on the Palestinian territories; it calls on all Palestinian powers and groups, topped by Hamas and Fatah Movements, to stopping all internal clashes, and initiating a dialogue with all groups to form a national unity government, in order to maintain the gains achieved by the Palestinian people through its long struggle.
Sixth: Also, the conference followed up the incidents taking place on the Iraqi arena; it denounces the kidnappings, killings and displacements committed against dozens of Iraqis and it urges the Iraqi people with all its religious and sectarian spectrum to maintain the unity of Iraq, and not to be driven into a civil war that may ruin Iraq altogether, and it demands the Arab League to move in order to activate the national reconciliation project among the Iraqi people. Also, the conference calls for ending the US occupation to Iraq.

Finally, the general conference of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Libya, offers its warmest congratulations to our people and the Islamic and Arab Nation on the occasion of the new Hegira year, asking Allah the Exalted the Majestic to make it a year of progress, improvement, prosperity and full development in our countries.

 (I desire naught save reform so far as I am able. My welfare is only in Allah. In Him I trust and unto Him I turn (repentant).)
 The general conference of the Muslim Brotherhood group- Libya

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