Solidarity for Bloggers, Aboul Fotouh curtailed by Egypt security forces

Solidarity for Bloggers, Aboul Fotouh curtailed by Egypt security forces

At least 8 police trucks lined Ramsis street in Cairo on Saturday evening as activists, intellectuals and Muslim Brotherhood leaders gathered to show their solidarity for the three bloggers arrested on Wednesday and Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh – a leading reformist in the Islamic group. But their efforts were not allowed to continue, as police forced the activists away from the Journalists Syndicate in an effort to curtail their action.

On the steps of the syndicate, Mohamed Abdel Qaddus held strong, holding his megaphone to his mouth and chatting in support of the jailed bloggers and Brotherhood leader. Among those pushed to the side of the street, a full block from the syndicates’ doors were outspoken critics of the ruling government, George Ishaq, Kifaya coordinator Abdel Halim Qandeel and a number of Brotherhood leaders.

There was no violence, but the police presence highlighted the pressure being put on the Brotherhood in recent months. As soon as the Brotherhood leaders arrived, plainclothes thugs began pushing journalists and activists away from the scene, arguing with a number of reporters. “You’re not going in, so let’s just end this,” one police thug said in an effort to move a group of journalists standing watch.

An Al Ghad party official said the popular leader Ayman Nour was on his way to the canceled demonstration, but the report never materialized and an hour later, the activists and leaders, after giving statements to local press, disbursed as quickly as they had arrived.

Another failed demonstration that highlights the ongoing pressure exerted by the government to end political opposition to its rule.