Solidarity with Mahalla

Solidarity with Mahalla


International solidarity with the citizens of Mahalla and the detainees continues… In New York City a protest will take place on Monday.. See the statement below I received from NYC-based activist…

Solidarity Picket for Egyptian Protesters
Egyptian Consulate in NYC
1110 Second Avenue between 58th & 59th Street
Monday, April 14th at 1pm
Over the last week, mass protests have erupted in Egypt – centered around the textile mill of Mahalla. These protests have erupted in response to spiraling food prices and severe hunger, anger at the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak and long unmet demands of the Mahalla workers. Not able to suppress the protests, Mubarak security forces used rubber bullets, tear gas and live ammunition against the Mahallah people, who had decided to protest on the streets of the city and in different villages, leaving at least two dead and hundreds injured. More than 800 people have been detained, including 150 political activists and 600 Mahalla workers (mostly women and children). Most recently, the leader of the pro-democracy movement Kefaya has been arrested.
We will be demonstrating, along with activists around the world, in support of our Egyptian brothers and sisters.
What you can do:
-please forward this announcement widely
-attend the picket and bring a sign if you can
-call or fax the Egyptian Consulate to register your protest: phone – 212-759-7120; fax – 212-308-7643
-if you would like to endorse this protest, contact [email protected]

In Turkey, Simon Assaf reports that…

Turkey’s Social Rights Centre, Labour Research and Solidarity, Socialist Demokrasi Party and Antikapitalist group organised a protest outside the Egyptian embassy in Istanbul in solidarity with Mahallah workers.

Click below to see some pix…

Greek activist Yiannis Sifakakis sent the following message…

Today [Friday] “Stop the War Coalition” together with Arab activists and friends from “Center of Research and Study for the Middle East” we organized a protest in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Athens. Our slogans were “Solidarity with the workers in Egypt”, “Down with the regime of Mubarak”, “No collaboration of the Greek government with the dictatorship of Egypt”…
The General Confederation of Workers (the Greek TUC) published a press release in support for the strikers of Mahalla (see below) which we gave to the staff of the Embassy.
In solidarity..

Click below to see some of the photos from the protest…


And I received the following from Austria…

Solidarity with the Mahalla workers AUSTRIA
Dear comrades,
in solidarity with the Mahalla workers and all political activists fighting against the dictatorship in Egypt we’ve organized a demonstration in front of the egyptian embassy in Vienna (Austria) on Thursday, 10th April.
Attached you can find two photos of our small but loud demonstration. On our placards was written:
– solidarity with the Mahalla workers,
– free trade unions for Egypt,
– Mubarak = murder,
– freedom for political prisoners and
– down with Mubaraks terrorist regime.
If possible, please put the photos on homepages like so that all activists can see our solidarity and support to bring Mubarak down.
Moreover we are in contact with the trade union of the textile workers here in Austria and their international umbrella organisation to get a solidarity statement for the Mahalla workers.
So, let us fight together for a better world without dictatorship and exploitation!
Red regards
In solidarity
(Linkswende – International Socialist Tendency AUSTRIA)

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Doctors Without Rights denounced the police treatment of the injured detainees, and called on the Public Prosecutor to open an investigation into the abuse incidents in the Mansoura and Mahalla hospitals… The activist doctors also are lobbying their syndicate to form a delegation that will travel to the Nile Delta to inspect the above mentioned hospitals..